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Robert N. Ferguson, Chief of Police

1999 Review

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Town of Evans Police Department is to provide for the peace and security of all residents of the Town of Evans, to safeguard lives and property, to protect the innocent, the weak and peaceful, against violence or disorder.

The police department roster includes 22 full-time sworn officers, 4 part-time officers; 4 full-time dispatchers and 5 part-time dispatchers; 1 full-time dog control officer and 2 part-time dog control officers; 1 full-time clerk and 1 part-time clerk; and 1 full-time police mechanic, for a total staff of 41.


Evans Police Dispatchers took 17,573 complaints in 1999.

Patrol Division

In 1999, the Evans Police Patrol Division handled the following:

Total Calls 17,573
Total Police Reports 1,115
Total Traffic Summons Issued 4,909
Total Parking Tickets Issued 174
Total Arrests 239
Total Prisoners held in 1999 185
- Male Prisoners 166
- Female Prisoners 19
Total DWI Arrests in 1999 80
Total Warrants and Criminal Summons 239

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau of the Evans Police Department has one Detective Lieutenant and one Detective assigned to conduct criminal investigations. The Bureau is responsible for the investigation of all felony crimes, misdemeanor cases that require follow-up, and also to investigate numerous petty offenses. The crime clearance rate statistics indicate that the Detective Bureau actively and successfully pursues its' investigations.

Dog Control

One-hundred and seventy-one (171) appearance tickets were issued in 1999.


New personnel appointed in 1999:
  • Jeffery Mayer, PT Patrolman
  • Sherry Miller, FT Patrolman
  • Richard Gottstine, FT Patrolman
  • Sandra Kane, PT Clerk

Equipment Upgrades

The following equipment was upgraded and/or added to the Police Department inventory:
  • Two new desktop computers and one new laptop computer replaced older obsolete models
  • An Automatic Vehicle Locater (AVL) was placed into service (at no cost to the Town) by Central Police Services. The AVL is a vehicle tracker in which police vehicles are able to be located and their location is viewed on a computer monitor. This is a new county-wide system and all departments will eventually be included.
  • Five new police vehicles were purchased to replace older vehicles
  • Evans Police Department's web site (HTTP://epd.buffnet.net) has been on-line for almost two years. The site is updated regularly with current monthly reports in order to keep the public informed of the Police Department activities and to increase public access and communications with the department.
  • A BAC Datamaster was been put into service which replaces the Breathalyzer 900A. The Datamater eliminates the use of wet chemicals and uses the theory of infrared to measure blood alcohol through breath. The Datamaster has a modem and tied directly to the Bureau of Municipal Police in Albany where all data is electronically sent. There are currently over 100 agencies in NYS that use the Datamater which has been found to be a more reliable and accurate instrument in determining blood alcohol levels.

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