8787 Erie Road
Angola, New York 14006

Robert N. Ferguson, Chief of Police

Monthly Report - August 1998


Evans Police Dispatchers took 1,983 complaints for the month of August 1998.

Patrol Division

The Evans Police Patrol Division handled complaints including:

Accidents 35
Ambulance 86
Animal Complaints 78
Breakdowns 37
Community Policing 138
Criminal Mischief 46
Domestic Incidents 10
Harassment 51
Premise Checks 92
Unwelcome Guest 10
Warrants served 9

  • Thirty-four prisoners were held in the Town of Evans Police Lockup in August 1998.

  • One-hundred and forty-two Police reports were filed and 26 accidents were reported to the State of New York as reportable accidents under the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

  • Evans Police Officers issued 732 simplified traffic informations in August of 1998 including:

    Speeding 387
    Seatbelt 76
    DWI Related 21
    License/Permit Violations 56
    Red Lights 13
    Required MV Equipment 19
    Vehicle Registration Violations 25
    Stop Sign 17
    Other 138

    Detective Bureau

    The Detective Bureau investigated 102 incidents including:

    Burglaries 4
    Criminal Mischief 14
    Drugs 3
    Harassment 1
    Disorderly Conduct 4
    Petit Larcenies 11

  • Forty-four people were arrested, mostly for violations of the New York State Penal Law, including 2 Felonies, 40 Misdemeanors and 44 Violations for a total of 85 charges. Eleven of the 44 people were arrested for DWI.

  • The Detective Bureau reports an increase of check and credit card related larcenies. Crimes of this nature usually allow a person ample time to steal money before an actual larceny is even reported to law enforcement officials.

    During August of this year, the Detective Bureau received a report of a stolen insurance company check that was cashed at Evans National Bank and the perpetrator received over $2,800. The crime was never reported until a month later and was discovered when the victim had inquired as to why he never received his payment for an insurance claim filed with his homeowners insurance. Bank and insurance company records did show that a check had been sent and cashed.

    A Detective Bureau follow-up investigation located two persons who were involved in the check larceny and who did cash the check. The outcome of their investigation will result in the arrest of two Angola people and felony charges are going to be filed with Evans Court. The two subjects to be charged did admit to their involvement in the crime.

    Dog Control

      Twenty appearance tickets were issued from the Dog Control Office.

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