Monthly Report – June 2018


Evans Police Dispatchers took 2481complaint calls, 120 of which were for Helmuth Fire Control, 115 of which were for Brant/Farnham for the month of June 2018.

Patrol Division

The Evans Police Patrol Division handled calls including:

Animal Complaints132
Assist Motorists27
Community Policing243
Criminal Mischief13
Disorderly Conduct2
Domestic Incidents4
False Alarms3
Loud Music8
Missing Persons1
Neighbor Dispute7
Premise Checks219
Sex Offenses2
Welfare Check27
  • Eight prisoners were held in the Town of Evans Police lockup in June 2018.
  • One Hundred Seven reports were filed and twenty-four accidents were reported to State of New York as reportable accidents under the Vehicle and Traffic Law.
  • Evans Police Officers issued 218 simplified traffic informations and 1 parking tickets in June of 2018 including:
DWI Related11
License/Permit Violations18
Red Lights13
Required MV Equipment25
Vehicle Registration Violations16
Stop Sign3

Detective Bureau

Thirty Five people were arrested, mostly for violations of the New York State Penal Law, Alcohol Beverage Control Law and Vehicle and Traffic Law. There was Five DWI arrests in June 2018.

Dog Control

There was three appearance tickets issued from the Dog Control office.

Veteran’s Outreach Center

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  • Dedicated case management services
  • Housing search and placement services
  • Limited temporary financial assistance
  • Legal services and resources
  • Employment services
  • Credit and budge counseling
  • Peer mentoring
  • Accredited veterans benefits counseling

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